Meaning of the Cards

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Card Meaning
No. 1/No. 2 “Hauptperson” (“Main Person” )  k-kipper1k-kipper2
  • The questioner
  • The questioner’s main person (lover, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend,  the desired person /person of one’s dream)
No. 3  “Ehestandskarte” (“Marriage” )  k-kipper3
  • Coming together
  • Attracting opposites
  • joining forces with someone
  • relationship, marriage
  • friendship
  • all kind of contracts, connections, relatives
No. 4 “Zusammenkunft” (“Getting together”)  k-kipper4
  • social life and friends
  • meetings
  • all kind of unions and connections (associaton, club, brotherhood…)
No. 5 “Guter Herr” (“Good gentlemen”)  k-kipper5
  • important man
  • wise man
  • person of authority
  • grandfather, father, or uncle
  • teacher, chief, guru
No. 6 “Gute Dame” (“Good lady”)·  k-kipper6
  • influential female person
  • wise woman
  • strong, well educated woman
  • grandmother, mother, or aunt
  • mistress, teacher, manageress
No. 7 “Gute Nachricht” (“Pleasant news”)·  k-kipper7
  • message(s)
  • news, information
  • correspondence, communication in written form (letter, e-mail, SMS)
  • newspapers, notes, papers
No. 8 “Falsche Person” (“False Person”)·  k-kipper8
  • rival or enemy
  • dishonesty, cheating, intrigue
  • refusing to believe that things are as they are
  • evading a matter
No. 9 “Eine Veränderung”)  k-kipper9
  • alternation, variety, flexibility
  • visit
  • solving a problem
  • move, relocation, movements
No. 10 “Eine Reise” (“A Journey”)  k-kipper10
  • travelling
  • taking a step forward
  • leaving an old and familiar situation
  • getting away as quick as possible
  • all kind of vehicles (cars, bikes…)
No. 11 “Viel Geld gewinnen” (“Winning lots of money”)  k-kipper11
  • abundance, stability
  • inner and outer wealth
  • enrichement (also concealed enrichment)
  • all money matters
No. 12 “Reiches Mädchen” (“Rich girl”)·  k-kipper12
  • wealth, youth
  • creativity, fun, wellness, luxury
  • young woman, sister, daughter, girlfriend, best friend
No. 13 “Reicher guter Herr (“Rich good man”)·  k-kipper13
  • ambition, apprenticeship, career planning
  • wanting to climb a social ladder
  • young man, brother, son, boyfriend
No. 14 “Traurige Nachricht” (“Sad News”)   k-kipper14
  • bad news, painful perceptions
  • disillusion, loss, dissapointment
  • crisis
  • sadness, melancholy, tears
No. 15 “Guter Ausgang in der Liebe” (“Good outcome in love”)·  k-kipper15
  • love, faithfulness, loyalty
  • loving experience
  • making decisions from the heart
  • guided upon feelings
No. 16 “Seine Gedanken” (His thoughts”)·  k-kipper16
  • the questioner’s consideration or opinion
  • behaving in a well-considered manner
  • all memories, ideas, concentration, meditation
No. 17 “Geschenk bekommen” (“Receiving a Gift”)·         k-kipper17
  • receiving a gift or help, emotional or material support
  • flattering someone, good or helpful offer
  • all accessories, equipment, materials
No. 18 “Ein kleines Kind” (“A Little Child”)·  k-kipper18
  • new beginning
  • naivety, unsophisticatedness, simplicity
  • inner child, childhood
  • child, children
No. 19 “Ein Todesfall” (“Death”)·  k-kipper19
  • ending, detachment, loss
  • end of a process or development
  • finishing up with the part
  • letting go (to be free of something new)
No. 20 “Haus” (“House”)·  k-kipper20
  • home, near environment, neighbourhood
  • stability and order
  • security and home
  • all middle-term or long-term matters
No. 21 “Wohnzimmer” (“Living Room”)·  k-kipper21
  • home, flat
  • privacy
  • presence, everything that is near
  • furniture, living room, all kinds of rooms (e.g. hotel room, living-room)
No. 22 “Militärperson” (“Military Person”) ·  k-kipper22
  • person in authority
  • obligations, responsibility
  • instructions, rules and regulatrions, redtapism
  • politics, army, soldiers, military service
No. 23 “Gericht” (“Court”)·  k-kipper23
  • making an important discovery or decision
  • deliverance from entanglement and dependency
  • legal or notarial matters
  • all public buildings
No. 24 “Diebstahl” (“Thievery”)·  k-kipper24
  • removing something, to leave something down
  • missing someone or something
  • loss, deficiency, shortcoming
  • thievery
No. 25 “Zu hohen Ehren kommen” (“Receiving high honoury”)·  k-kipper25
  • passing an examination, beeing promoted
  • everything that is high, e.g. high buildings, high-aged persons or things
No. 26 “Großes Glück” (“Big Luck”)  k-kipper26
  • good opportunities
  • delightful experience
  • reward of your efforts, success
  • happiness, wealth
  • following the true calling
No. 27 “Unverhofftes Geld” (“Unexpected Money”)·  k-kipper27
  • unexpected improvement, sudden change
  • award, gratification, prize
  • all small amounts,, pocket money, expenses, tips
No. 28 “Erwartung” (“Expectation”)·  k-kipper28
  • expectation, hope
  • watching something
  • keeping tabs on someone or something, observing
  • patience
  • all views and forecasts
No. 29 “Gefängnis” (“Prison”)·  k-kipper29
  • being timid, inhibited, self-conscious
  • putting yourself together in order ot reach a goal
  • all public but also closed buildings, e.g. prisons, locked ward, hospital, barracks
No. 30 “Gerichtsperson” (“Courts Person”)·  k-kipper30
  • not always juristic persons, but all kind of advisers, e.g. advocates, tax advisers, doctors…
  • taking or giving lessons, teachers, sales assistant
No. 31 “Kurze Krankheit” (“Short Illness”)·  k-kipper31
  • sickening situation
  • beeing weak or ill, downtime, sleeping
  • retirement, to cure something
  • all kind of “beds”: childbed, sickbed, intimacy
No. 32 “Kummer und Widerwärtigkeiten” (“Sorrow and tribulations”)  k-kipper32
  • being tortured by worries or stress
  • excessive demands, stage fright
  • fear, nervousness, sleepless nights, nightmares
No. 33 “Trübe Gedanken” (“Murky Thoughts”)·  k-kipper33
  • insecurity, doubts, worries, helplessness
  • pessimism
  • ignorance, unawareness, vagueness, lack of clarity
No. 34 “Arbeit, Beschäftigung (“Work, Occupation”)·  k-kipper34
  • building up/setting up something
  • business
  • sports, physical training
  • new beginning, learing by doing
No. 35 “Ein langer Weg” (“A Long Way”)·  k-kipper35
  • spatial and/or temporal distance
  • long-term planning, duration
  • all ways, streets, roads
No. 36 “Die Hoffnung, Großes Wasser (The hope, Big Water”)·  k-kipper36
  • abroad, foreign countries, distance, continent
  • yearning, dreams, visions
  • everything that has to do with water: ocean, seas, liquidity, drinks
  • alcohol, spirits, drugs