Ace Talent, Gifts, advantages, present, support

Significator for: all kind of supports 

King Elderly man,  father, boss, advicer, holidays and vacations, retirement

Significator for:  father, but also for retirement from the job

Queen Mother, elderly woman, the female boss, responsibility, wisdom, expert knowlegde, experience (of life), study, research and analysis

Significator for:  mother or another important woman 

Page The familiy, relatives, childimmature, inexperienced, innocent, platonic

Significator for:  child and children, family, platonic love 

10 Changes (also mentally), traveling (mainly short trips) and overcoming of distances in general (also internet), to be on the road, in transit and transports

Significator for: travelling

9 Good opportunity, to have an advantage, possibility for positive change,  getting better

Significator for: chances and opportunities 

8 Adventure, risk, to dare something,  new enterprises and projects, motivation, to go about something

Significator for:  new enterprises and daring attempts 

7 All kind of contacts. verbally, written or telepathic, messages, , all connections ((but not your social life!) , to be on the same wavelength, communication and news

Significator for:  contact, news