Ace Job, career, self-realization, mission, successSignificator for: job, career 
King Young man, elder brother, cousin, colleague, fellow, advicer, important documents (not regular documents or papers, this is the page of diamonds).Significator for: documents, books, advicers. 
Queen Young woman, sister, Colleague, cycles, appointment and deadlines, everything that will happen soon (within 3 months).Significator for: young women, period of three months. 
Page Male youngster, younger brother, delivery boy, messenger, letters, manuscript (books = king of diamonds), correspondence, written records, notes.Significator for: messages, papers, young boys. 
10 Property, money and finance in general, financial security.Significator for: finance, money, prosperty. 
9 Surprise, sudden positive change, opportunity, a favourable moment, everything that is unexpected (normally positive, except in combination with negative cards).Significator for: positive surprise, favour, advantage.
8 Financial help. contribution, heritage, everything that you get (if you want it or not).Significator for: what you get for sure.
7 Effort, endurance, apprenticeship, education, studies, training, success.Significator for: everything that needs time and requires effort (but then the success is guaranteed).