Ace Parting, loss, separation, dissolution, hard test, negation.Significator for: transformation, parting
King Supervisor, official, government/public organization/institution, aloofness, foreigners.Significator for: authorities, officer, foreign people
Queen „Dark“ woman/people, people in the background, anonymity, rival, envious person, detached/aloof woman.Significator for: rival, persons unknown.
Jack Immaturity, falsehood, ignorance, thoughtlessness, may also lie to keep something hidden, “black sheep”, outlaw, pass the blame/responsibility onto someone else}.Significator for: lack of experience or fraud.
10 Distance (spatial and temporal), abroad, expansion of horizon, mysticism, religion, philosophy, the search for meaning.Significator for: foreign country, esoteric.
9 Reduction, abandonment, disappointment, disillusionment, failure, sadness, depression, tears.Significator for: failures, sadness
8 Anger, rejection, disharmony, disorder, dispute.Significator for: anger
7 Instability, weakness, not a smooth process, also the card for health.Significator for: mental and physical health (no diagnosis possible).