Card Meanings

 0-Narr-RW 0 The Fool 

  • beginning, spontaneity
  • chaotic situation
  • looking for new experiences
  • apparent folly
 I-Magier-RW-1 I The Magican

  • concentration, power
  • taking the initiative
  • showing the power of influence and will
  • a skillful solution


 II-Hohepriesterin-RW-1 II The High Priestess

  • nonaction, unconscious
  • patience and understanding
  • trusting the inner voice and intuition
  • deep inside and great understanding


 III-Herrscherin-RW-1 III The Empress

  • nature, mothering
  • being in a creative phase
  • new growth and possibilities
  • going back to Mother Nature


 IV-Herrscher-RW-1 IV The Emperor

  • fathering, structure
  • taking responsibility
  • stability and order, the law
  • having everything under control
  • disillusion


 V-Hierophant-RW-1 V The Hierophant

  • education, belief systems
  • confidenc
  • inquiring about the meaning of the things
  • understanding the deeper meaning


 VI-Liebende-RW-1 VI The Lovers

  • relationship, personal beliefs
  • feeling to be understood and accepted
  • feeling the power of love
  • a decision from the depths of the heart


 VII-Wagen-RW-1 VII The Chariot

  • will, victory
  • readiness to assume risk
  • taking a step forward
  • entering new territory


 VIII-Gerechtigkeit-RW-1 VIII (XI) Justice

  • decision, responsibility
  • being honest
  • making a responsible decision
  • harvesting what you have sown


 IX-Eremit-RW-1 IX The Hermit 

  • searching, introspection
  • shielding yourself and withdrawing
  • being (or remaining) alone
  • clarity about you really are and what you want


 X-Schicksalsrad-RW-1 X The wheel of fortune

  • movement, turning point
  • feeling not free
  • acting fatalistically
  • ability to understand your destiny


 XI-Kraft-RW-1 XI (VIII) Strength

  • compassion, strength
  • putting much commitment into your plans
  • showing strength and commitment
  • being courageous and proud


 XII-Gehängte-RW-1 XII The Hanged Man

  • reversal, sacrifice, letting go
  • crisis, reaching an impasse
  • giving up the matter or leaving it alone
  • feeling of powerless


 XIII-Tod-RW-1 XIII the Death

  • end of a process of development
  • phase of separation
  • finishing up with the past
  • inexorable forces, elimination


 XIV-Maessigkeit-RW-1 XIV The Temperance

  • being in balance
  • peaceful, harmonious phase
  • healing and recovery
  • combination, health


 XV-Teufel-RW-1 XV The Devil

  • playing with fire
  • encountering the shadow
  • danger of addiction or dependence
  • materialism, bondage


 XVI-Turm-RW-1 XVI The Tower

  • downfall, sudden change
  • revelation
  • an open battle
  • disorganization of old concepts and the image of the world


 XVII-Stern-RW-1 XVII  The Star

  • inspiration, generosity
  • confidence, new hope
  • planes for  the future,
  • freedom


 XVIII-Mond-RW-1 XVIII The Moon 

  • illusion, bewilderment
  • standing in the dark, fear
  • withdraw from the world
  • unfilled longings


 XIX-Sonne-RW-1 XIX The Sun

  • enlightenment, greatness
  • enlightenment, greatness
  • feeling like a new perso
  • looking for life’s sunny side
  • approaching plans with a happy-go-lucky-freshness


 XX-Gericht-RW-1 XX Judgement

  • rebirth, inner calling, absolution
  • striving for deliverance
  • placing hopes in the decisive transformation
  • finding the solution
 XXI-Welt-RW-1 XXI The World

  • integration, accomplishment, fulfillment
  • view of entirety
  • arriving at the goal
  • happy ending