Spread Methods

In addition to the meaning of each cards, it is also necessary to be familiar with the spread methods. They are necessary to ask specific questions to the tarot. What exactly is laying method depends on what the questioner wants to know exactly. The correct spread method depends on the questioner’s problem and what he exactley wants to know.
On my website www.tarot-germany.com you’ll find some spread methods in English and German language. On this page I would like to introduce a „classic“ spread, it is known as the „The Next Step“ (original „Der nächste Schritt“) and can be used for numerous questions. This spread method is also a good example for the fact that only a few cards can provide deep inside. Draw only 4 cards as shown in the picture:
KleinesKreuzThe meaning of the cards are:

1 = Starting point, this is where you are now.

2 = This is not important (right now). You don’t have to strive for this or to fear it.

3 = This is important (now). Tarot recommends you to go regard this or to go in this direction.

4 = This will be the next step. You will be led here next. When you have arrived here you can ask the cards the same question again.
It is frequently asked how long the „next step“ is. Generally, there is no  rule; ususally a maximum period of three months is estimated.  But it is recommended that you define the desired period before taking and spreading the cards.